Overseas Travel Awards (OTA)


Candidate for OTA must fulfill the following criteria:

  • qualify as an early career researcher at a PhD, postdoctoral or resident level (updated on March 26, 2017)
  • travel from an oversea country (evidence of either the residence or departing country must be provided)
  • must have submitted at least one abstract for oral or poster presentation
  • well declare in the application form that she/he wishes to be considered as an Overseas Travel Awards candidate


※ Deadline for application: July 15th, 2017

※ Award announcement: No later than July 31st, 2017

※ USD$500, welcome dinner and local tour, provided by organizing committee (updated on March 26, 2017)


※ 海外學者與會補助請於論文摘要投稿時同時申請

※ 申請者必須符合職涯初期研究人員資格,包括博士生、博士後或住院醫師等 (106/3/26更新)

※ 申請者須提供相關證明 (如國外工作證、居留證或機票影本)

※ 申請截止日期:106年7月15日

※ 得獎公布日期:106年7月31日前

※ 海外與會補助: 提供美金$500元、晚宴與旅遊活動 (106/3/26更新)

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