Translational Models of Complex Human Brain Disorders - from Zebrafish to Humans, from Molecules to Behaviors

Professor Allan V. Kalueff

St. Petersburg State University, Russia, Ural Federal University, Russia, ZENEREI Research Center, New Orleans, USA


Despite the high prevalence of neuropsychiatric disorders, their aetiology and molecular mechanisms remain poorly understood. The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is increasingly utilized as a powerful animal model in CNS disease modelling, neuropharmacology research and in vivo drug screening. Collectively, this makes zebrafish a useful tool for drug discovery and the identification of disordered molecular pathways. In this Keynote Lecture, I will introduce the audience to zebrafish models of selected human neuropsychiatric disorders and drug-induced phenotypes. In addition to covering a broad range of brain disorders (from anxiety to neurodegeneration and comorbid metabolic disorders), we also summarize recent developments in zebrafish genetics and small molecule screening, which markedly enhance the disease modelling and the discovery of novel drug targets.