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Announcement: Keynote Speakers of 7th MBI International Symposium


The 7th Mind-Body Interface Int'l Symposium is honored to announce our distingushed speakers: Professor Keith W. Kelley, Professor Jing X Kang, and Professor Allan V. Kalueff.




Keith W. Kelley, PhD

Getting Nervous About Immunity


  • Professor of Immunophysiology, University of Illinois, USA
  • Editor-in-Chief of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity (BBI)




Jing X Kang, MD, PhD

Omega-3 fatty Acids as Lipid Medicine


  • Director, Laboratory for Lipid Medicine and Technology (LLMT), Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, USA
  • President, International Society for Omega-3 Research (ISOR)




Allan V Kalueff, PhD

Translational Models of Complex Human Brain Disorders - from Zebrafish to Humans, from Molecules to Behaviors


  • Institute for Translational Biomedicine, St. Petersburg State University, Russia 
  • President, International Stress and Behavior Society (ISBS)







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